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Listen to the Greatest Program Announcers on the Radio Today

KTNK is proud to bring you the best Syndicated Program Announcers in the world of Honk Tonk, Country and Western Swing

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Mike Day
Announcer and Owner
Mike Day is President and General Manager of Radio KTNK in addition to his duties as morning DJ. Owning and operating a country music radio station has been a lifelong dream of Mike’s. After working for 33 years in the motion picture industry, Mike retired and bought KSMA AM 1410 in Lompoc, now known as KTNK.
Tom Wardle
Parsons native Tom Wardle believes that country music isn’t just music, it’s a lifestyle. Small wonder then that he would use the moniker djcowboy as his email address. And it’s no surprise that Wardle would be a disc jockey, working to preserve and promote the contemporary western lifestyle and pure country music genres. Wardle says “If it ain’t traditional, it ain’t country!” And he points out that more than half the country music you hear on the radio today is country-rock or country-pop, not pure country. The broadcast features many independent artists who carry on the tradition of real country music as well as a country classics segment and ends with some pure country gospel. He estimates that his audience for the most part is the crowd who appreciate country music’s roots. He plays music by Ray Price, Vern Gosdin, Bill Anderson, Little Jimmy Dickens, Leona Williams, Hank Locklin, Norma Jean, Ricky Van Shelton and Stonewall Jackson.
Slim Randles
Home Country
SLIM RANDLES has done it all. He was a bronc rider on the rodeo circuit, a ranch hand, mule packer, and guide in the High Sierras. He took hunting parties into grizzly bear country. He drove a dog sled team in the first Alaskan Iditerod. Slim built log cabins in the wilderness and is a firearms expert. Along the way, he also became a newspaper reporter, author, columnist and popular radio host. Slim was also an Adjunct Professor of Journalism at the University of New Mexico. An award winning author of 17 books, Slim’s column "Home Country" is in over 400 newspapers, reaching 3 million readers per week. Home Country's producer is veteran broadcaster Larry Ahrens, former #1 Morning Host on KKOB Albuquerque for over 26 years. SLIM RANDLES is dedicated to the success of your station. He will record custom liners, opens and tags and do live interviews with your hosts.
Featured Announcer
Jim Loessberg
Featuring traditional country music from the 1960s and 1970s, Legend Radio offers some of the greatest fiddle and steel sounds that warm the heart and bring back great memories. Legend Radio is hosted by Jim Loessberg, who has played with many of the greats throughout the years. His musical career began at about age 10 with an interest in playing the drums. His dad, Les Loessberg, was a steel player, and Jim would go with him to his jobs and sit in with the band. Jim played professionally for the first time when I was 14 years of age and continued to play drums until he was 17. It was then that he first became interested in playing the steel guitar. He had the good fortune of having been exposed to the best steel players in the world as a teenager. He remembers his mom and dad taking his brother, who is a terrific bass player, and him to see Buddy Emmons, Jimmy Day and Rick Price, who was then playing for Johnny Bush. The more he heard my dad and those other great players play, the more he wanted to try to make those beautiful sounds myself.


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